To Sit Or To Stand: How To Choose & Use A Standing Desk

It’s the middle of the day, you’ve just eaten lunch, and you have five hours left in the work day, but drowsiness looms. There’s a scientific term for the food coma: postprandial somnolence, a state of lethargy induced by consuming a large amount of food. Once it sinks in, if you remain seated in your chair, you feel as if the velvet curtain of sleep will soon blanket you in dreams.

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How Do Standing Desks Support Workplace Productivity?

Cue the standing desk. Studies have shown that standing desks are beneficial to your health, and can increase workplace productivity and your own creativity. Increased blood flow while standing = better brain power.

On the other hand, being on your feet the entire day can also be detrimental to your health and is linked to heart disease. What’s the happy medium? The key is variability. Sitting all the time or standing all day is problematic; changing postures a few times a day can potentially prevent negative health effects.

What To Look For In a Standing Desk

Most standing desks will be adjustable to your height. Sit-stand desks allow users to convert them into desks at a traditional height for sitting, and shift them to standing desks when desired, although standing-only desks can be more fitting for a space depending on the use.

You can also purchase a desktop sit-stand converter from various companies. Add-on options can be cost-effective and allow you to keep your current desk while still enjoying the benefits of a standing desk when you need it. You’ll need to consider whether you will be the sole person using the desk or if multiple people with different height requirements will use it.

What’s The Right Amount of Standing and Sitting?

Sedentary habits, like sitting for more than eight hours, have been linked to chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease that can cause an early death. Some studies suggest standing for half of an eight hour work day, and if that’s not feasible, try to stand for at least two.

Though exercise helps you burn the most calories, standing instead of sitting at a desk will help you burn a few more, at the least. A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that standing burned 88 calories an hour versus the 80 burned while sitting for an hour. In comparison, walking burns approximately 210 calories an hour.

Studies show that movement, rather than just replacing sitting with standing, is the most beneficial course of action to improve one’s health.

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Additional Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk

Based on a year-long study, less easily quantifiable benefits of standing desks included

  • Being more engaged at work

  • Having less job-related fatigue

  • Feeling less anxious at work

  • Enjoying an overall better quality of life in/outside of work

  • Reducing back pain or shoulder pain associated with sitting all day

If you can’t switch to a standing desk or just don’t have the option, short breaks to interrupt the stretches of time that you are seated will still help you burn calories and ultimately be healthier. Coffee breaks, walking meetings, and other actions to make it a point to get out of your chair and switching up working positions can impact health and workplace performance. Stoke is conveniently located within walking distance to the Denton square for lunch or getting a specialty coffee drink nearby at Harvest House, Cryptozoology, or West Oak when you need to stretch your legs.

Seated and Standing Options at Stoke

In addition to three standing desks, Stoke space also includes couch and lounge areas, a phone call room, and three conference rooms. The standing desks are adjustable to your ideal height, with cushioned anti-fatigue floor mats for extra comfort. You have the choices of walking around while on a call, using a standing desk, or sitting on a comfy sofa rather than in your desk chair. The only limited areas of Stoke include the private offices, dedicated desks, and conference rooms once they’re reserved.

Haven’t checked out Stoke space yet? We’d love to see you for a tour any week day. Schedule a tour today!