Who Are Your Coworkers When You're Working at Stoke?

Traditionally, coworkers are employed by the same company, but in a coworking space, coworkers work independently: for themselves and for a range of companies. Coworking spaces are home to professionals who work as freelancers and remote workers as well as those who are self-employed, such as entrepreneurs (both startups and small business owners) and a number of other types of workers (students, remote teams, consultants).

You’ll find people in the coworking space and at dedicated desks, meeting in conference rooms, stretching their legs at standing desks, and enjoying the benefits of having a well-equipped, open, and professional workspace that’s maintained and stocked for them.

Read an overview of the member landscape at Stoke from a bi-annual survey, and imagine yourself working in a modern, renovated warehouse space where you, too, can be your most productive self.

Survey Meta-Stats

This survey was conducted in the spring of 2019 and a little over 50% of current Stoke members responded. Of that, those members have been at Stoke for

  • 1-6 months - 32.4%

  • 6-12 months - 29.7%

  • 12-18 months - 13.5%

  • 18-24 months - 5.4%

  • 24+ months - 18.9%

Offices are currently at capacity at Stoke, while dedicated and coworking spaces have some available spots remaining.

Survey Responses

As Denton’s only official coworking space, serving surrounding areas that include Argyle, Ponder, Justin, Roanoke, Highland Village, and Little Elm, management and staff value the feedback and input of members at Stoke, conducting a biannual survey on satisfaction with the space and what changes they’d like to see.

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“What Industry Are You In?”

At Stoke, members vary significantly in type of worker and industries in which they work. Nuances like industries overlapping/intersecting can be challenging to record, but this is the case for many Stoke members.

43.2% of Stoke members identified as working in technology, with marketing, advertising, and media buying following at 10.8%. 8.1% of Stoke members identify as working in design.

Additional industries that Stoke coworking members work in include

  • Consulting/recruiting

  • Education/Education technology

  • Engineering

  • Event hosting

  • Finance

  • Life insurance

  • Manufacturing

  • Media

  • Non-profit

  • Personal training/life coach

  • Real estate

  • Research

With a diverse group of professionals working at Stoke, in-house networking during member events like Member Huddle and Happy Hour enables members to share their wins and needs with others who celebrate successes and help collaborate on challenges or provide a resource/contact to help them.

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“What Best Describes You?”

Stoke asked members to self-identify as a freelancer, remote worker, small business owner/employee, or startup management/employee.

Entrepreneurs make up 54% of Stoke’s members, with 21.6% of that percentage identifying as startups, either managing or employed by one, and 32.4% identifying as a small business owner or employee. The next largest group at Stoke is remote workers, at 32.4%. The rest of the respondents identified as freelancers, remote worker/small business employee, and working in contract sales.

“Have you ever had clients, team members, partners, etc. travel from outside of Denton to meet with you at Stoke?”

Stoke serves as a startup incubator, support for growing your business, and a meeting place to bring clients or the remote team together.

56.8% of Stoke members reported growth for their businesses during their time at Stoke. 64.9% of Stoke members responded affirmatively to whether they have had clients, team members, and partners travel from outside of Denton to meet or work at Stoke.

You can also rent conference rooms or the event space at Stoke, even if you’re not a member. Space rental at Stoke is done by the hour, half-day, or full day.

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“What amenities do you appreciate/use the most at Stoke?”

Stoke takes care of the details so that members can focus on accomplishing their goals and being productive.

Members were able to select their top three most appreciated and used amenities at Stoke. Coming in at 75.7% were conference rooms, and following at 73% were the coffee, tea, and snacks provided as part of Stoke membership. The next most appreciated amenities included printer/copier/scanner use (62.2%), kitchen use (56.8%), and the couch/lounge areas (40.5%).

Why Work at Stoke?

When you work at Stoke, you don’t have to worry about infrastructure (the facilities require zero build-out; furniture is supplied, except for private offices, and ergonomically arranged) or overhead (Stoke has the utilities covered) and you have amenities like printing/copying/scanning and coffee, tea, and snacks at your fingertips as part of your membership. You also become part of a community of entrepreneurs, techies, and creatives who will support you in whatever endeavor you’re currently undertaking.

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for membership at Stoke, book a tour to check out the space. Membership levels vary based on how often you need to use the space and what kind of access you’ll need. Every membership is month-to-month, so you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract.