Three Main Reasons People Choose Coworking Spaces


The number of coworking spaces in North Texas has quadrupled since 2014, and with the ever-growing tech and startup community, it makes sense that people are working in different ways and different places. Coworking offers professionals a place to work among others in an atmosphere conducive to productivity and when sought out, collaboration. Working from home or from a coffee shop has its appeals, but a designated place to focus and work, like a coworking space, can help boost quality of work produced.

In addition to more executive offices, innovation centers, and makerspaces, coworking spaces are on the rise. What accounts for this growth and popularity? Amenities, atmosphere, and community are some factors that we find contribute to why people are choosing to work and participate in the opportunities offered by coworking spaces.

  1. Amenities

Memberships at coworking spaces vary by region, but generally cost the freelance or remote worker much less than renting an office or a suite would. Members can often sign up for monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual agreements, instead of committing to a year or two-year lease. Not only does a paid membership secure a place to work, but also includes amenities that make working enjoyable.

Coworking spaces usually provide essentials like high-speed internet, access to printing, and special equipment or conference rooms. Other perks often include coffee and snacks while coworking. Coworking spaces sometimes offer a mail slot for members to receive mail or packages, and the ability to use the coworking space address rather than their home address, preserving their privacy.

People and businesses operating in a coworking space can worry less about space maintenance and utilities, and focus on the important tasks of operating their small business, developing the next breakthrough app, or handling the daily to-do list of working for oneself.

For members at Stoke (at virtual, coworking, and dedicated membership level), some of the amenities include:

  • High-speed internet

  • Access to printing, scanning, and copying

  • Mailing address & package receiving

  • Conference room reservations

  • Use of the kitchen, and free coffee, tea, and snacks

2. Atmosphere


Most coworking spaces are located in urban areas, within walking distance of public transport, dining, and entertainment and are reminiscent of a downtown work feel without the associated price. A coworking space can feel less rigid than a typical office space but still structured as a place to get the job done.

The common thread across all coworking spaces is the drive, focus, and motivation of the people in the community that often act as a support network for each other and resource when needed. Shared areas in coworking spaces are spacious enough that people working have room to spread out their work and stretch, but provide the opportunity to network and chat when seeking it. Stoke coworking and dedicated desks have comfortable chairs and roomy desks; members also have the option to use standing desks.

Just a couple blocks from the Denton square, Stoke is located at the Railyard in a renovated, modern, former warehouse, ideal for becoming an open, airy coworking space. As a member at Stoke, it’s convenient to pop out for a quick lunch or take a stroll after working hours to nearby restaurants.

3. Community


Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners find coworking spaces’ support of tech and startup culture an appealing component of involvement or membership. Networking events and opportunities, both put on by the coworking space or hosted by other entities at the coworking space, are based on a variety of topics to help businesses develop and improve.


Members at Stoke have access to mentorship from Denton small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup experts. Additionally, we host monthly Lunch + Learn events, Startup Fundraising workshops, and member huddles. These opportunities provide networking and support as well as a way to get to know fellow members at Stoke and the work that they do.

Coworking at Stoke

If you want to try coworking at Stoke before committing to a membership, you can purchase a day pass, or drop in on a Friday when coworking is free. You will have access to the kitchen, conference rooms, and your own space in the coworking area. Membership levels are virtual, coworking, and dedicated. Join us and enjoy Stoke Coworking!