Announcing Stoke's Nights & Weekends Membership

Are you a full timer by day and side hustler by night?


Whether you’re a night owl by choice or necessity, Stoke now has a nights & weekends membership for you to work on your projects and side hustle in a quiet, modern workspace conducive to your productivity. You’ll have all the perks of Stoke membership, just at a time that suits your needs best.

If you have commitments in the daytime that force you to work on your passion project (data analyst by day: podcaster by night, sound familiar?) in the evenings or on weekends, Stoke provides you with a place to walk in and get to work when you need to mentally move from your different modes of being.

Investing time in yourself and your side hustle could help you eventually pursue it full time and quit your day job, if that’s what you’re dreaming of. If you’re a remote worker or freelancer who knows that they work with clarity and think most clearly between 6 PM and midnight, the nights & weekends membership could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Stoke is a couple blocks from the Denton square, next to Spiral Diner and DCTA train station down at the Railyard. The renovated warehouse space has coworking desks, lounge areas, standing desks, and conference rooms to match your work style and your meeting needs.

Coworking spaces have grown in popularity and number the past decade for many reasons : professional space to work outside of your home and as an alternative to coffee shops, infrastructure and business amenities (listed below), and an in-house network of people alike and different from you who have skills, experience, and resources to share.


Stoke Nights & Weekends Membership Details

We value and appreciate Stoke members! Check out the membership details at the nights & weekends level.

Perks & Amenities

  • Access from 5 - 10 PM, M-F, and 9 AM - 9 PM, Saturday, Sunday

  • Secure, reliable, fast internet

  • Conference room reservations

  • Mentorship options

    • all Stoke members have access to the Mentor Program, but mentor office hours are at noon during the weekdays; plan accordingly

  • Invitations to events through the monthly member newsletter

  • Coffee, tea, and snacks

  • Bike storage

  • Business address

  • Printing & copying


  • Membership at Stoke is month-to-month, making it flexible and affordable.

  • Sign up during the 3 month pilot period (April 1-June 30) for Nights & Weekends membership to receive the introductory rate of $95/month for your first 6 months.

  • After July 1st, the Nights & Weekends membership will increase to $105 monthly.

Is the Stoke Nights & Weekends Membership For You?

  • “It’s difficult for me to plug in and work on my freelance projects at a coffee shop in the evenings when there are people hanging out and having fun.”

    • Come work among other motivated professionals who are focused on their own endeavors at Stoke. The atmosphere here is welcoming while remaining a professional workspace.

  • “I’m working on launching my business, but I want to meet people who I can bounce ideas off of and connect with others who have skills that I don’t.”

    • One of the perks of working from Stoke is the inhouse networking that happens organically or during member events. You’ll find like-minded people with unique skillsets. You never know who might be your cofounder.  

  • “All I want to do when I get home from my day job is eat and nap on the sofa. It’s hard to be productive at home and work on my photography business when it’s typically where I try to relax.”

    • Stoke is set up to help you work better and smarter. In addition to coworking desk space, we have couches and lounge areas for comfort, and standing desks when you need to get out of your chair. Putting yourself in a physical space to work will help your mental space reach where it needs to be.

Stoke has a variety of membership levels depending on your needs and the frequency of which you need access to a professional workspace. We also host educational and networking events that Stoke members and nonmembers are invited to join. We hope to see you at Stoke!