Lunch + Learn Preview: Where Do I Begin? 5 Steps To Start HR In A Small Business

Join us for our February Lunch + Learn, “Where Do I Begin? Five Steps to Start HR In A Small Business”

When: Wednesday, February 20th, 12 PM - 1 PM

Where: Stoke, 608 E. Hickory St. Suite 128, Denton, TX 76205


Why Is HR Important?

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you often wear many hats, and one of those roles may be working as the human resources (HR) department. You might wonder whether you should hire an HR professional, outsource the work, or whether you can handle HR yourself.

Solid HR management can prevent issues between the employer and employees, problems with hiring practices or retention, poor perception, internally and externally, of your business, and much more. No matter how small the HR department, it is a critical component of running a business. HR management can help you develop a healthy work culture and maintain both employer and employee wellness in the workplace. (Read “5 Tips For Starting A Business In Denton” for more information on how to begin your small business journey!)

HR Functions

HR encompasses the following areas in business operations:

  • Recruitment

    • Advertising job postings, tracking candidates, and hiring strategically, with screening efforts for final selection

  • Health and wellness

    • Ensuring employee safety and health

  • Employee relations

    • Managing relationships and mediating conflicts

  • Compensation and benefits

    • Handling payroll and programs used to supplement pay

  • Legal concerns

    • Complying with labor laws, and other rules and acts to consider in the workplace, protecting both the employer and the employee

  • Training and development

    • Streamlining onboarding processes, cultural integration, and technical training and development opportunities for employees


If you handle any of the processes outlined above, you could benefit from attending this Lunch + Learn. For a crash course in putting together HR for your business, hear from Christopher Harris, assistant professor of Human Resource Management in the College of Business at Texas Woman’s University.

February Lunch + Learn Preview

Harris will cover the basics for setting up HR for a small business, which include how to:

  1. Maintain proper personnel files for each employee

  2. Comply with employment laws

  3. Develop an employee handbook

  4. Recruit and select the right employees to

  5. Design an onboarding process for new employees

Harris earned his Ph.D in Management from the University of Texas-Arlington. Harris’ research interests include human capital, strategic human resource management, and organizational citizenship behaviors. His research has been published in journals such as Journal of Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Vocational Behavior, and The International Journal of Human Resource Management.

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