Stoke Coworking and entrepreneuriaL Hub

Where Ambition Goes to Work

Stoke is a place for innovators, freelancers, and startups. It’s where ambition, technology, and a shared desire to change the world for the better can come together. Yes, it is a coworking space, but what it offers is so much more.

For the majority of entrepreneurial hopefuls, reaching a point of success is not without its challenges. Stoke aims to alleviate some of the confusion and stress that comes with striking out on your own to start something big. Whether you need a desk or a conference room, a mailing address, fundraising advice, or even just really, really fast internet access, Stoke is here to help. We offer flexible memberships so you can choose the pace that best suits your needs.

Bring your ambition and ideas. Stoke will provide the rest.