Stoke’s Ambassador Program is a volunteer network created to give individuals the ins and outs of working with startups, providing leadership opportunities for those wanting to help support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Denton, and serve as a networking tool to connect volunteers to opportunities within the startup community. This is the inaugural class of Ambassadors and we are looking for individuals who are self starters and eager to work to help strengthen Stoke’s presence in the startup community.



  • Available 5-10 hours per month to spend working on Stoke ambassador work.
  • Able to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Passionate about the Denton and Dallas startup community and the benefits of starting a business in North Texas.
  • Committed to the length of the program, June 24-August 17.
  • Enthusiastic about taking on and completing a capstone project that solves a problem within Stoke or the Denton Startup Community
  • Willing to promote and educate the public about programs and offerings in the startup community.


  • Valuable work experience in the startup space around up and coming Denton startup companies.
  • Access to Stoke organized classes or workshops
  • Mentorship from Stoke and DEC staffers and our network of Mentors and Investors
  • Startup work experience to add to your resume
  • Letter of recommendation at the completion of a successful term
  • Future networking opportunities through the Ambassadors alumni network i.e. current and previous ambassadors, mentors, companies and staff that has been involved in Stoke


Do you have a business idea but need help knowing where to start?   Are you an entrepreneur struggling with marketing or sales?  
Do you need investors but don't know how to prepare your pitch? Looking to exit your business and seeking advice?  

Stoke's mentor program connects entrepreneurs with mentors that can help on a range of topics.  Click here to learn more about our incredible mentors and to schedule a meeting.   We offer one free meeting with a mentor to anyone, and Stoke members get unlimited access to mentors.   

Stoke is recruiting individuals with a range of experiences and knowledge to act as mentors to the community of entrepreneurs at Stoke. We are seeking individuals that have experience that would benefit the startup and small businesses including business planning, legal, financial, marketing, investing and more.  If you have expertise that would be valuable to start ups and entrepreneurs and are willing volunteer time to serve the members of Stoke, please take 5 minutes to complete the mentor application here