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Enterprise Security Sessions

  • Stoke 608 E Hickory St Suite 128 Denton, TX 76205 (map)

Do you have a strategy for protecting yourself and your business' data? Prevent unauthorized access, disruption, disclosure, and modification of confidential data, personal information, or trade secrets by learning about enterprise security. 

With technological threats to information security constantly evolving, you should have an understanding of enterprise security as well as a holistic approach to the tools and ways that you maintain customer confidentiality and trust in the integrity of your business. 

Sessions during this event will include: 

  • "The Current Threat Landscape of Enterprise Environments"

  • "The Essentials of Enterprise Security" 

  • "Solutions to Essentials of Enterprise Security"

  • "The Complexities of Distributed Enterprise Security"

  • "CTF Pretraining: 'Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Discovery'" 

  • "Game of Pwns" CTF hosted via the PwnSchoolProject

This event is presented by StandardUser Cyber Security and Techvera, both based in Denton, Texas, and hosted at Stoke Denton.