Stoke’s Ambassador Program is a volunteer network created to give individuals the ins and outs of working with startups, providing leadership opportunities for those wanting to help support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Denton, and serve as a networking tool to connect volunteers to opportunities within the startup community. This is the inaugural class of Ambassadors and we are looking for individuals who are self starters and eager to work to help strengthen Stoke’s presence in the startup community.  Ambassadors will work in groups to accomplished a project that will help Stoke and the startup community of Denton flourish. Applications due May 31st at midnight.



Events - Help organize the next Startup Weekend in Denton. Help make this annual event as successful and engaging as possible. This group will also assist with Stoke programs and events. There are many great events that are being put on at Stoke, we want to make sure that they are executed with excellence. This is also an unbelievable way to get connected in the startup community as you will have the chance to meet everyone that is coming in and leaving for events.

Community Awareness/Connector - Attend events around Denton like Open Coffee Clubs and events hosted by Main Street Association, TechMill, and more and act as a brand ambassador for Stoke. Our community always has people looking for jobs, looking to hire new employees and just connect the right people that help facilitate community and can provide huge growth opportunities for people across the region. This project would help to facilitate and connect people across the region to build a greater community and help provide mutually beneficial relationships across the ecosystem. 



    Engagement and Visibility - Do you have experience in photography, videography or marketing that you would like to develop more fully? Encourage people to join the conversation about the startup community via Facebook group, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc and the newsletter through helping to create unique and engaging content.  Add to your photography portfolio book by capturing events and activities at Stoke. Take photos or videos of things that are happening, people who are here, and special moments that happen throughout events.


    • Valuable work experience in the startup space around up and coming Denton startup companies.
    • Access to Stoke organized classes or workshops
    • Mentorship from Stoke and DEC staffers and our network of Mentors and Investors
    • Startup work experience to add to your resume
    • Letter of recommendation at the completion of a successful term
    • Future networking opportunities through the Ambassadors alumni network i.e. current and previous ambassadors, mentors, companies, and staff that has been involved in Stoke

    The Ambassador Program is sponsored by Upventur, a social start up for the adventurer in all of us. Upventur is a group of service providers and trusted experts connecting to explore, research and a place to book a trip.