Don't Track Me Bro: An Introduction to GDPR

Kyle Taylor of TechMill will be speaking about GDPR and how it affects your business at our upcoming Lunch + Learn on July 11th from 12-1pm! 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union has global effects on how we collect, process, and utilize data for marketing and business applications. This presentation will cover what GDPR is, how it affects us, and how it helps you become a more ethical business when handling personal data.

GDPR is an extension of the the data protection directive from 1995, which offers data rights to people or businesses that utilize technology such as websites and software applications to conduct business globally.


The Change

  • Directive - Since 1995 member states of other countries implement their own policies for how they choose to handle data protection laws.

  • Regulation - Now laws have been established for everyone in the EU equally, therefore you are required to abide by it if you conduct business pertaining to the European Union.

Even though you may be a US based company, GDPR can affect you in many ways. If you sell items within the European Union or to an EU citizen (even if the transaction occurs in the United States) your business can be affected.

What You'll Learn

  • Get a general overview of the General Data Protection Agreement (GDPR).

  • Understand user rights and what you as a business owner need to abide by in regards data collection.

  • Learn the updates you need to make to your Privacy, Data Protection, and Security Policies.

  • Learn about Privacy Shield, which is a partnership between the US, EU and Switzerland, in regards to how they manage transcontinental data collection and the transfer of data between countries.

  • Get high level action steps that will get your business started on becoming GDPR compliant.

We live in a time where data is increasingly growing. As personal data becomes more readily available, our privacy becomes more important. From a marketing perspective, you need to understand what data you’re allowed to collect from your users and customers, how long you’re able to retain that data, and how you’re allowed to use it for your business.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is:

  • Utilizing marketing applications

  • Selling products internationally or if you have business inside of the EU

  • Selling products to customers visiting from the EU

  • Visiting the EU in the future