5 Things You Should Know About Coworking

What Is Coworking? An Outline Of The Basics

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Read on for:

  • A definition of coworking

    • Related vocabulary

  • An overview of benefits that come with the coworking lifestyle

  • Innovative workspace

  • Flexible and affordable memberships

  • Resources in the workspace and community

  • In-house networking

  1. Redefining The “Coworker” - Who Coworks?


In a practice called coworking, individuals work on their own while in a shared office-style space. The amount of coworking spaces has grown steadily in the past few years with the increase of developments in communication technologies that support remote work.

The traditional definition of a coworker is a person with whom you work with in the same company or business; as coworking continues to grow in popularity, the typical “coworker” definition transforms along with the practice. When in a coworking space, your work and projects probably differ significantly from the work of the person two desks over.

Some coworking companies have hundreds of locations worldwide, or multiple locations in one city or state, while others, like Stoke, have fewer or only one location.

People who use coworking spaces range from freelancers and remote workers to entrepreneurs at various stages of their business and startups looking for a place to grow roots. Even corporations are considering coworking as a viable option for their companies.

Coworking Vocabulary

You might see or hear some of these terms associated with coworking pop up.

  • Hot desks/hot desking

    • The term “hot desk” actually derives from “hot-bunking” a practice in which sailors, during different shifts, used the same bunk

  • Shared desks

    • Similar to the “hot desk” concept, in which you might not have the same desk that you had yesterday

  • Remote worker

    • A remote worker is someone who doesn’t necessarily have to go to the office to fulfill their job duties (remote workers can also be contract workers)

  • Nomad worker

    • See remote worker above

  • Digital nomad

  • Freelancer

    • One who acquires clients who need work/products from them in their area of expertise, who also has the freedom to work from home and outside of the conventional office setting

2. Enjoy An Innovative Workspace


The coworking model includes social and collaborative aspects that executive suites and the typical office setting lack. Though some coworking spaces do offer private offices, the main function of the space is to offer flexible, comfortable seating and desks at which people can work uninterrupted.

Coworking spaces provide infrastructure (dedicated or coworking desk space, conference rooms, break room, and event space) and services (high-speed internet, printing, mailing and receiving) that professionals no longer have to worry about setting up. Many coworking spaces are located in the heart of the city, or in proximity to culturally important and inviting spots. Stoke is located a few blocks from historic Downtown Denton and next to the DCTA at the Railyard, an area of Denton rejuvenated in the 2010’s and that has become home to startups, creative agencies, a residential building, and even a vegan diner.

There’s also something to be said about the psychology behind coworking among other people who are driven and motivated, which in turn benefits you. At a coffee shop or at home, distractions abound. At a space designed and designated to be a productive place to work, you meet individuals who have similar goals #getworkdone, though they are likely working on tasks different from your own. Be it the coffee break conversation or discussion during member events, people in coworking spaces have a built-in support network that can be far-reaching.

3. Choose From Flexible And Affordable Coworking Memberships

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As a member in a coworking space, you have shared amenities, such as the kitchen, lounge areas, and standing desks, as well as perks pertinent to your individual work and needs, like conference rooms to bring in the remote team or a phone call room for confidential calls and privacy.

Different coworking companies have varying membership levels that are dependent upon factors like amenities offered and prices in the region. At Stoke, we offer virtual, coworking, and dedicated membership options for professionals who seldom, often, or frequently need to work in a productive, focused atmosphere and need access to our amenities.

If you want to try coworking before committing to a membership, you can purchase a day pass, or stop in during one of our Freebie Fridays (just fill out the FF form to let us know to expect you!)

4. Use Coworking Space Resources

The “collaboration over competition” concept is part of the coworking philosophy. Stoke is not just a physical workspace for professionals in the Denton community, but also a resource in terms of offering monthly educational events, home to the Denton Angels, Denton’s first angel investor group, and providing online resources and information.

Whether you are a freelancer looking to build your brand and gain more clients, or a small business owner working on your business plan, Stoke works to offer programming from which you can benefit. Members at Stoke have first (and free) access to events such as these.

Lunch + Learn


Lunch + Learn events are hour-long sessions for attendees to learn from experts who speak on topics pertinent to owning and running a small business, developing a brand story, hiring and human resources, and more. Speakers can be Stoke members, experts from the universities in Denton, mentors, and community partners who have wisdom to share. Lunch from a local Denton restaurant is provided by Stoke. #supportlocal

Startup Fundraising Workshop Series

Stoke hosts the Startup Fundraising Workshop Series, presented by the Denton Angels. For those interested in entrepreneurship or working on launching their own startup, workshop facilitators offer insight on fundraising topics such as pitching to investors and creating a winning pitch deck.

5. Take Advantage of In-house Networking


Need a community to help you build yours? Coworking spaces attract a variety of professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. You’ll find web developers, graphic designers, and freelancers in the coworking space, working separately, but together.

At Stoke, we host monthly events like member huddles and happy hours, where you can meet people who you work around every day and share wins and successes, or needs and challenges. You might find someone in the very place that you work who has the skillset or contact to help you with what you need.

Keep Up With Stoke Coworking

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