Startup Fundraising: Pitching to Investors

Startup Fundraising Workshop Series

The Startup Fundraising Workshop Series is hosted by the Denton Angels investor group at Stoke, a coworking space and entrepreneurial hub in Denton, Texas. Each workshop will be focused around a startup fundraising topic, geared toward helping local startups and small businesses grow and develop.

“Startup Fundraising: Pitching to Investors” is the first workshop in the series at Stoke, on Wednesday, October 24th from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Light refreshments provided, and RSVP for this event is required.

Read on for a brief overview of what this first workshop will cover.

Pitching to Investors

Pitching to potential investors can feel like a daunting task, so come learn from Mark Cieri, a Denton Angel investor and CEO of QV Partners, about the process of fundraising by pitching to investors and how to navigate it. Cieri has experience and tips to share on characteristics of high-quality pitches for gaining funding as well as guidance on the Denton Angels’ submission outline. During this workshop, Cieri will go into detail on the essentials of a pitch, expectations, and other important insights to keep in mind when pitching to investors.

Why Fundraise?


Fundraising is important to startups and entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business and can help keep momentum going for a successful launch and longevity. Great ideas need financial backing to come to fruition. When seeking someone to fund your startup, you share your vision and mission for your business, but also need to convey the real-world, monetary value of what you will produce. Convincing an investor to put time and funds into your business is not only a request to support your work, but also to believe in you as a businessperson.

What is a Pitch?

One of the initial steps to fundraising is to pitch to potential investors and persuade them to invest in you and your business.  Pitches can be considered a combination of a few communication genres, such as a proposal, a brief presentation, an executive summary, and an elevator speech synthesized into a request for investment. A successful pitch will tell your startup or company’s story, gain the attention of your audience, and explain your business objectives and how funding would support it.

“Pitching to Investors” is the first installment of the Startup Fundraising Workshop Series. Reserve your spot at Startup Fundraising: Pitching to Investors.